abandoned thesis mood board.jpg

This collection is inspired by the colors and textures found in abandoned buildings. The peeling walls, cracked paint, rusty accents, and overwhelming architecture awaken feelings of a haunting emptiness. Inspired to create something new from something old, and something beautiful from something decayed; this collection presents a wide array of fashion and textile designs that connect past and present with the future in mind.


Luxurious 23 mm silk charmeuse and 5 mm silk show off the depth of these original print designs. Alongside printed silk is sturdy jacquard woven pants- allowing for extreme tactile texture reminiscent of rough textures and peeling walls. Seamless knit 8 gg 100% Cotton sweaters add both style and function with pointelle stitches allowing for airflow and breathability, and links links stitches adding visual interest and dimension. Finally, lush burn out velvet creates a stand out final piece, with metallic color and sheen tying together this textural, graphic, and luxurious fashion and textiles collection.